Chris Tham's Travel Diary - 11-22 April 2004

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16 April 2004

Day 5 (Fri 16 April) Wellington to Christchurch

Today we flew out of Wellington to Christchurch. We spent the entire day at Christchurch wandering around the city centre, plus visiting the Christchurch Art Gallery and Botanical Gardens. There are no LOTR locations in Christchurch.

In the air

We travelled on Qantas Flight QF4171 from Wellington to Christchurch. This is a picture taken of the Southern Alps from the air.

[Tip: clicking on the image allows you to view it in Live Spaces and download it in high resolution (1280x800)]

The following montage of the lighting of the fires in The Return of the King showcases the beauty of the Southern Alps:







Christchurch sights

The River Avon runs through Christchurch.

This is Christchurch Cathedral.

The interior of the Cathedral.

The Bridge of Remembrance.

Botanical Gardens

Bridge at Botanical Gardens

The Water Garden at the Botanical Gardens.

We stayed at this hotel.

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