Chris Tham's Travel Diary - 11-22 April 2004

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17 April 2004

Day 6 (Sat 17 April) Christchurch to Twizel

We left Christchurch and headed wes on SH 73, then south on SH 72. The main location visited today is the Courts of Edoras (actually, Mt. Sunday, located at Mt. Potts Station). After that, we journeyed on to Twizel via the beautiful Lake Tekapo and Lake Pukaki.

On the way to Edoras

We left Christchurch on SH 73 (Yaldhurst Road). After Darfield, where we stopped to buy lunch, we turned onto SH 72 (Inland Scenic Highway). This is Rakaia River, flowing through Rakaia Gorge.

[Tip: clicking on the image allows you to view it in Live Spaces and download it in high resolution (1280x800)]

First of two bridges going across the Gorge.

View of the river from the bridge.

The view from the other side of the bridge.

View of the gorge.

View from the second bridge.

View from the other side of the bridge. Note the car parked at a very unique location.

View from Lake Clearwater.

"Mallorn" trees (in reality black poplars) glistening in the sun at Mt. Potts Station.

Mt. Sunday (Edoras)

We got "greeted" by "Gandalf the Grey", aka Anwen's dad Derek, (called "Grandelf"by his kids and grandchildren) on the way to Edoras. Edoras in reality is Mt. Sunday, located on private property (Mt. Potts Station) off the Ashburton Gorge Road.

View of Mt. Sunday (Edoras) from the distance, dwarfed by the huge mountain ranges behind it. The reason for the name of the mountain was that it was a favourite gathering place for the local farmers each Sunday as they discussed "local affairs" (ie. gossip).


The "Fellowship" treks across to Edoras. We have to cross three streams along the way.


Closer views of Edoras.


"'Look!' he cried, and they lifted their tired eyes. Before them stood the mountains of the South: white tipped and streaked with black. The grass-lands rolled against the hills"

Edoras those courts are called (LOTR, Book III, Chapter VI, page 495-6)

This is a scene featured in the film, where King Théoden griefs about the loss of his son.


This is another view featured in the film. It was used at least four times in Twin Towers.

The travellers riding towards Edoras:


The travellers turning towards Edoras:


The cute Rohan refugee children arriving at Edoras:


And Gandalf riding away from Edoras:


Views from Edoras.




Grandelf, Anwen and Julian (Anwen's brother) on top of Edoras.

The "Fellowship" on top of Edoras.

The "Fellowship" returns from Edoras.



On the way to Twizel

View of Lake Tekapo.

The Church of the Good Shepherd at Lake Tekapo.

View of Lake Tekapo from inside the Church Of the Good Shepherd.

Trout farm at Lake Pukaki.

Power station at Lake Pukaki.

Mt. Cook is hidden behind the clouds.

Lake Pukaki.

We stayed at the McKenzie Country Inn.

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